Matt Altieri

Hey there...! Matt Altieri here, a free spirited, self-taught UConn MIS grad, and knowledge hungry IT guru / aspiring CTO with about 16 years {eek!} of experience in varied facets of the technical and Management of Information Systems fields, and now Marketing - proudly collecting hats along the way. From PCI Compliance to RFP's, municipal fiber optic networks, QoS and call recording solutions for thousands of simultanious VoIP lines to the back end infrastructure to handle it all, I'm proud to have done a few interesting things over the years past.

I can currently be found in the Software industry [these days, they call me a DevOps Evangelist], enjoying my newest [and most fun] challenge in West Haven, CT with a great company called Device42. It doesn't hurt that I work with great people, and that we make a great product for managing DataCetnters. It's a CMDB with DCIM functionality and then some - Do visit and check it out, and grab a free trial while you're there. It's pretty darn great.

What else have I been up to?
The years keep flying by, and as mentioned above, I'm really quite enjyoing my latest pursuit, working to catch the world up on Device42. I do miss riding the train [especially the Diesels], and the train-naps a bit, I've really been loving driving again; The 335 has been gifted a JB4, which has made it a ton of fun, so though I will always miss the STi, the BMW has been a nice upgrade.

Otherwise, looking forward to summer, and another great pool year -- Need to get rid of some trees, though -- They're trying to block out my sun! Have a great 2k17, all -- and stop by sometime! Oh, and PS - I've given up Facebook. It's outlived its usefulness. I was one of the first on it, and I'm glad to say after around 3 or so years of not using it, it's gone. Good riddance. I suggest more do the same. It used to be cool; now, well -- it just isn't.


The humble little webserver.

This website started off as a side project -- once I found out my NAS was running linux, a webserver (and more) was born! Above, we pay homage to the little webserver that could. What once was a lowly NAS now does -- a little bit more ;) Even though its barely got the processing power of a 386, it was still a very fun project.

23rd Street Station.

The station I called home for two years. A bit of NYC character, of course. This picture now serves as a mere memory of many a subway ride - one of hundreds of the intricate tiled station markers I saw daily. The rats hide under the edge of the overhang you stand on to board the train, but come out and frollic and play every once and a while like it's nothing. They're not as big as everyone makes them out to be -- they might even make good pets. I kinda like the little critters.

My new Office!

Super pumped to be working in West Haven. Reminder to self: Update this picture!